Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sharon's Take July 2012 ~ The Inspired Warrior

As you seek to find balance over the next month, keep in mind that this balance brings with it opportunities to be in your truth and be who you are and also be in your passions. Own your power and know that it is safe for you to be powerful with love and compassion all at the same time. If you don't have a regular spiritual practice, begin it today, there is no time like the present. Keep your focus and don't let others distract you from your mission, the changes and creations you desire are very close indeed. Release the past. Release any regrets, any sadness, any anything that might be a block. See it's gift and move on for yourself and your own wellbeing. This action alone will create great waves of movement allowing the new energy that you so want to enter. The more trust you have to be guided, the more joy you will expereince as you life transitions over the next month.

Sometimes change doesn't always bring feelings of confidence, however as you begin to trust that you are supported and change only signals growth and new opportunities, you will soon know that much better things lie upon the road ahead. Trust that you have or will be divinely given the tools you need to move foward. Take a good look at what each path offers you at this time and what it brings to your life, and when you have weighted all the pros and cons, choose confidently and know that you have made your choices honourably and throughly and expect the best possible outcome for yourself. Enjoy the journey of discovery that you are on, and know that these changes are bringing you closer to your dreams and desires. If you should find doubt and other lower energies, immediatly transform them. Try to avoid the people in your life who don't feel like they are presently supporting you in your changes and trust that the right people who are supportive will come your way. Make no judgements about these situations, just bless them and move on.

Declutter your thoughts at this time, and do some mental housekeeping. Look at what thoughts you might be hanging onto that no longer fit who you have become. It is time for the world to see you in the light of truth and for you to stand fully in your power as the empowered lightworker that you. Don't take on responsibilities that you do not feel passionate about. While you might be good at many things, it serves your growth and the growth of others for you to set limits for yourself and to let them do their own journey, even if they don't fully appreciate your motives at this time. You have been shedding a lot of late and you may find you feel better when you are eating healthful, alive foods filled with life force energy and drink plenty of water. Make a committement to yourself to keep your meditation practice each day and spend time out of doors. This will help you in many ways and on all levels and it is what you deserve for yourself.

Take a much needed vacation. If you can't afford to physically get away from it all, take some time to explore where you are for a few days, go to the lake, the park or wherever you can get away from the phone, computer, and work. Make a point of giving yourself the gift of time out. It will do wonders to not only bring harmony and balance back to your life, it will help those around you. You are a far better world server when you are refreshed and rejuvinated. Do not let percieved stress and anxiety stand in your way. Do not let the thoughts and actions of others to knock you off balance as you are strong and have all the talents and skills you need to help you along the way. Trust in yourself and your ability to discern for yourself what feels right and what feels less than and release any thoughts of lower will.

This is an amazing time in your unfolding journey. Celebrate the changes and enjoy the evolutions that are before you. Support and love each other and let others know they are not alone. Reach out and touch the heart of someone you love and also someone you do not know, and if you are feeling particularly adventurous, someone you feel thoughts that are less than love for and transform them for your self. Keep preparing yourself for the shifts of transformation you are on and ride that wave!
Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.

For me personally June brought a lot of completions. This is appropriate since my birthday is July 1st, so I am now in a new year for me. I have also started some new beginnings so I do feel that I am at least somewhat on track. I am very happy and honoured to share that I will now have feature articles on a wonderful site Beliefnet.  Beliefnet is the largest spiritual web site. They are independent and not affiliated with any spiritual organization or movement. There only agenda is to help you meet your spiritual needs. There mission is to help people find, and walk, a spiritual path that will bring comfort, hope, clarity, strength, and happiness. I will be writing in their Angel Wisdom Section. Check them out, there is quite a collection as well as 250,000+ registered users. As soon as I have some forwarding links they will included in my articles and newsletter.


I have some workshops coming up over the summer and will be starting the monday night gathering again online. |The book thistime is The Vortex by Abraham-Hicks. This is by donation, so if you would like to join us, please send me an email at sharon@playingwiththeuniverse.com .

Mercury is going Retrograde on July 14th, so get moving on starting any projects and back up your computers. I lost everything last week and hope that the computer guy can save the information on my hard drive. I had warnings, however did not back up as much as I should have. Also a great time to do a review and get ready for the next half of the year.

Enjoy the ever changing time we are in, love and blessings, Sharon

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