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Assignment Human Angel ~ To Everything there is a Season

Your mission…

Should you choose to Remember is…

As you begin a new cycle, which you frequently do, remember that new adventures signal a completion and therefore new growth, new opportunities and more. Welcome in the new and celebrate that which you have completed. Job well done and now it is time to move on!

We are always experiencing cycles, even if you have never really paid attention or gave it much thought. We are starting the 2nd half or 3rd quarter of the year. We are all in that cycle. Those of you born this month are in a new year, therefore entering a new cycle. Those of you born this month should be used to the change that cycles brings since we are a 7 - the number of transition, July babies should at the very least used to change, if not crave it. I am a July baby and would move my furniture once a week if it worked in other ways, I therefore use blankets and pillows on the furniture in different colours and themes to shake things up (and to keep the cat hair to a minimum lol).

It is natural for things to transitions as that is what happens when we are on an evolving planet in time and space. It is in resisting this natural flow that we create obstacles and drama's for ourselves. To everything there is a season. Keep this in mind as you contemplate a life review of where you have been, what needs to be let go and what you want to keep working on. We are nearing a mercury retrograde (which cycles through about 3 times a year) and that is the perfect time to take things a bit slower and look at how things are progressing with you hopes, dreams and desires. Also consider where you are in your year and how that works with where things are at. This helps you to see the growth you are actually making. The first time I took stock of my life I was actually astounded by what I had accomplished thus far with many pitfalls and hurdles along the way. That is when I began to see the gift and then look for it in other seeming adverse situations I find myself in. Take the time over the next few weeks to do a review. Keep a journal as these are great markers for yourself (as well as perhaps another great book), and make sure to date it. It is like writing in your book of life. Also journaling can help to open up your communication with your guides, angels and ancestors, as you are usually in an alpha state when you journal and that is the perfect mindset for communication. Do not judge yourself, love yourself through the process. We are all works in progress, or we would be done with the earth experience and go home.

Remember to be gentle with yourself. Make this a special time to look at your cycles and see which ones you are nearing completion and get ready to finish them off. Take the time to review and you will enter the next stage with much more focus and clarity, therefore creating what you desire easier, faster, and grander than you did before.

Love and infinite light, Sharon

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn

All rights reserved.

To Everything There is a Season

To everything there is a season
A time for every purpose under Heaven

A time to be born
and a time to die
A time to plant
and a time to pluck what is planted

A time to kill
and a time to heal
A time to break down
and a time to build up

A time to cast away stones
and a time to gather stones
A time to embrace
and a time to refrain from embracing

A time to gain
and a time to lose
A time to keep
and a time to cast away

A time to tear
and a time to sew
A time to keep silence
and a time to speak

A time of love
and a time of hate
A time of war
and a time of peace
The lyrics are taken almost verbatim from the Book of Ecclesiastes, as found in the King James Version (1611) of the Bible (Ecclesiastes 3:1), though the sequence of the words was rearranged for the song. Ecclesiastes is traditionally ascribed to King Solomon *Wikipedia*

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