Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sharon's Take ~ March 2012 - Purposeful Action

The Eucalyptus forest on Maui
Here we are already sliding into the last month of the first quarter and spring is just around the corner. I will be happy to see the signs of spring come to the north. I was in Vancouver last month and loved seeing the buds on the trees, the Rhododendrons blooming and the spring bulbs making there entrance to the world.  I love to watch spring awaken and am always happy to see it twice every year.

I decided to share some pictures of this amazing forest on Maui. Someone sent me a picture and I thought it was Photoshopped and it turns out it is an actual forest and it definitely is a hold over from the Lemurian times. I love the energy of these trees. I will have to get to Maui one of these days and see and feel this forest in of these days lol... I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Eucalyptus forest, Maui
There seems to be lots happening this month. Mercury is retrograde on March 12 - April 4th. There is still time to get things moving and then enjoy the time of review, reset, recycle and relax...and any other re you can think of. As usual, I refer people to this wonderful article by 'Alice Inoue: Mercury Retrograde' for a great perspective. We have the full moon on the 8th and the new moon on the 22nd, the equinox on the 20th. Start right now thinking about the new seeds and goals you would like to plant and harvest this year and during the 3rd week really focus on those desires. Get really clear and then get really focused.

Expect to continue the shifts you are experiencing as you expand and evolve. Many people have been getting downloads of information and right now is the perfect to synthesize the spiritual wisdom that you have received. Make great use of the mercury retrograde to collect your notes and journals that you have been writing during your time of awakening and put it together to form either a workbook or perhaps a publishable book to help others. There are so many starting to question life, the Universe, and everything that now is the time to step forward as the Lightworkers, the wayshowers, the teachers. Not everyone in the 'New Age' movement is of new energy and these kids coming in now need new the energy to assist them. They will not tolerate the old energy. Find ways to ground your energies into the physical world right now. Keep working on your growth, for it is a never ending process. Focus on your highest priorities. Get organized and get motivated. This is not a year of procrastination, so get going. Your prayers have been heard, trust that the answers are right in front you, and you will notice them. There will always be things to distract you, and that is okay. Take some time out always to have fun, find joy and just be as this gives you energy and sparks creativity. And, when you feel the nudges, act upon them with love, enthusiasm, and gratitude.
Maui, Eucalyptus forest

Take good care of yourself , catch up with some old friends, make some new friends, get out a bit and enjoy yourself. Do a life review. Enjoy the changes as these are the signs of new beginnings and keep your spirits high.

All the action that you have been taking are leading you towards your desired Victory! Enjoy the Ride!

Still waiting on the book, however hopefully I will get a deliver date soon. I am just waiting..waiting lol... I didn't send out a newsletter last month as I thought I would have the delivery date then, it should be any day now and perhaps even today!

I will be offering healing sessions and card readings at The Spring Festival in April at Naramata BC April 27th to 29th.  It is such a wonderful place and I am looking forward being there and seeing everyone. Driving is still a bit of a challenge for me, however I have learned how to make an arm rest for the vehicle. 

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