Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Container Gardening - Gutter Gardening

Since I have lived in Apartments most of my adult life, I learned to container garden. Now that I have a sunny yard, I am learning new things. I still container garden as our yards are open common area. Last year I grew lettuce and tomato's that I ate most of the summer I even planted radishes throughout the summer as they mature quickly. It was fun to use my own stuff to add to the wonderful bag of vegetables I got all summer at the farmers market.  Being a vegetarian, I got the largest bag. I have to say, the vegetables picked the day before were amazing. And I tried things I never had before. I will get one again this summer.

I am also planning some new types of container gardening this year (which was why I started this post in the beginning), I digress... so anyway, this year I want to try to Gutter Garden. I have a side wall that gets a fair bit of sun and is open. I am planning to ask for some old gutters that would end up in a land fill. Not only is this helpful, there is not as much bending and you can layer several rows on the wall...

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