Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sharon's Take ~ February 2012 ~ Taking a Leap

This is indeed a year of monuments change on the earth plane and to all of those who dwell upon her. I am reminded that regardless what is happening anywhere, that I can always choose to trust and follow my heart. I can choose to fret and worry however this will not bring me any closer to anything except wanting off this ride. This past year has taught me so much about this journey called human, healing and love. I so strongly feel this undercurrent of shifting energy that will be exploding during the awakening and transformations that are taking place for so many at this time. With tremendous shifts comes the shedding of the old. Those of you who have been through these times before know exactly what I am talking about when I say to be prepared for a Dark Night of the Soul Experience(S), (Eckhart Tolle's Dark Night of the Soul) for they can be many as you first start to go through. After a while, I found I loved when I felt a huge emotional cleanse happen, as it signaled a new dawn coming in the morning. Doing a life review at regular intervals will help make these unfold in a more conscious and less emotional fashion that if you just respond to what is happening. I do have a kit with instructions, a talk and meditations available on my home page if anyone is not sure how to do a life review.  Also good to do them during a mercury retrograde and any big shifts. Mercury Retrogrades for the year are March 12 to April 4, July 14 - August 8, and November 6 to 26 for 2012 so you can mark them on your calendars. I like to plan around them and the energy they bring to us and know it will be a time of rest and relaxation as well as review and recycle.

Everything is feeling as though it is going through a re-birthing process and well, really it is. So take the time to really get clear on your creations and desires. Encourage others as you watch their creations explode and take off and ride the wave with them. This is easier when you trust that there is enough in this infinite, abundant Universe and that we all can more than enough of our needs met. Keep hope, faith and inspiration alive and fed in your heart daily. Keep love the focus of all that you do. And, trust that you have all the talents and skills that you need to create whatever you desire in your life. Let go of any mental energy of what others are thinking and just love them and let them explore their own experiences. Releasing old energy and expectations brings such a freedom so many of you have been longing to feel. Now is the time to let that happen. If you are waiting for a sign from the Universe, here it is, "Go Long, Go Deep, and Dream Big!"

Did you feel the earth move beneath your feet? Or, is the change just starting to happen for you now. Regardless, say phew, as this really does signal the growth you were asking for. So, as you begin to emerge from your cocoon, a new you, firmly stand your ground and decide what is acceptable to you and what is not and set really clear boundaries with those in your life. You can only let others affect you if you take things personally and we say...don't do that. Look for something positive in all situations and remember that it really doesn't matter in the big scheme of things and love them anyway. Here is a wonderful video from Abraham-Hicks... I love you so much, I don't care what you think...

Love is in the air. Since we have valentines day in February, we are surrounded by the commercialism of LOVE and so often 'single' people are made to feel odd or even bad about their status. However, there is a usual current of love that sits under all of this and it can be used to share love with others and utilize to help you create and almost any other way you can think of benefiting from more love. Use this energy to help you create keep your focus on the steps that come your way as sign posts to let you know you are on the best path. Everything is ripe and ready... if you are, take the leap.

The challenge is in remembering that the thoughts of others are not your own. Take the time to make a conscious effort to keep your focus on your journey. Don't get caught up in another persons drama, or story and keep writing your own. Love them of course, send them blessings, give them a hug and support them, however don't participate in anything that is keeping you from the tasks at hand. Reflect and send love as release and let go of others ideas of you and live your authentic life. As you release lower vibrating energies things begin to move swiftly and change really starts to happen. This is a good thing, let it out and let it go big! Play, have some fun and find that balance in all aspects of your life, you are worth it.

Love and Blessings, Sharon and the 'others' 

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