Thursday, February 9, 2012

Butterfly Maiden~ Working with Butterfly Medicine

Butterfly Maiden ~ Working with Butterfly Medicine
Via Sharon Taphorn Feb 2, 2012

 As so many are emerging from your latest’s cocoons, from the darkness into the light once again in a new form, you will awaken with senses and abilities that you did not have before your metamorphosis. Allow yourself the time to assimilate these new attributes and how you can best work with them to enhance the quality of life for yourself and therefore others.

Let the changes happen, for it is inevitable in your beautiful dimension of time and space and signifies that you are indeed moving forward. Feel the joy and the love that surrounds you when you choose to tap into this energy of the butterfly medicine, and revel in the opportunities and fresh new ideas that come your way. Butterfly signifies courage and your newborn willingness to usher in the changes that bring you closer to creating the new earth.

While you are in your ‘larval state’, use that time for rest, be alone, meditate and contemplate. Nurture yourself as you would nurse someone back from the brink, for shedding the old is truly like that. As you begin to awaken, keep notes in a journal of your progress and insights as these can become tools to guide others. Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. Expect miracles to occur and know that they are divinely orchestrated with your spirit self and your guides. You are good at helping others, even if you don’t see how at this time. Have faith that your experiences and transformation helps to shift all that is. Each one of you matters and is important for the greater task at hand – the evolution of all that is. Trust that all is good and as it should be. Know that you and your loved ones and your ancestors and safe and always spiritually protected. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed.

As you fully awaken into the next stage you will find that you are a Divine channel of Healing Energy with amazing powers of healing awakening. Healing light comes in many forms and just allow yours to unfold before. Expect it and it is so by Divine Decree. Step fully into your power today and know that it is okay and safe for you to be that powerful being of light without as well as within.

Allow the butterfly medicine to help your transformations. Let the true light of your colours shine forth in your aura. This will attract the young ones awakening behind you to see your light and find direction along their paths to follow those who are paving way for the others.

See the plentiful and beautiful gifts that surround your world. They are everywhere when you take the time to look. The more you look, the more they appear, as if awakening by magic. Let the transformations begin and cherish each moment with love, joy and laughter. And, when your springtime awakens, awaken to a new way of seeing everything as it emerges for the first time in the new light once again.

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn. All rights reserved.

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