Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sharon's Take for Today

I love to get dirt on my hands while I am weeding, planting and playing in the garden. Although, sometimes I wish it was easier to get rid of it when I am finished. I love to watch the flowers grow and try new things. I get a lot of sun here (well, when it is out lol) whereas in Vancouver I had a shade garden. It is all a new learning experience. I have managed to get delicious radishes in containers and some of my lettuce already. I love to call in the deities to help everything grow, it is not only nourishing for my body, but also for my spirit.

I've been seeing an interesting trend on some of the spiritual communities I belong to and so thought today was a perfect day to blog. Since the thunder is rolling in we came inside before the rain followed. Bella and I have been caught in a few sudden storms this season already. I guess I know I am not a bad witch since I have melted yet.

So, now back to the trends. I have notices a level of fear in the messages I have seeing. Fear that there isn't enough for everyone and it is all about me. I can understand the desperation some must be feeling, for there are times where I work really hard at reminding myself there is enough for everyone and the universe offers us limitless potentials. To trust that I will taken care of and to just keep myself in a state of joy and receiving. I think a lot of us have put these paths of not knowing what is next or where we are going to get the money from energies before us so we can learn to trust, that we can create abundance regardless of what is surrounding us.

One of the challenges I am often asked about is "What am I going to do. I can't find a job in this economy and I am about to loose my home". There is usually not a quick fix for this and so when someone calls my shows and asks the question, I usually ask that they send me an email so we can try to help. I have tons of shows on these topics to assist it shifting our thought processes. However most of us want that magic wand to wave or the genie to pop out of the bottle and just fix it for us. That  isn't the energy we living in anymore. This new energy is about each of us realizing that we  need each other and it is only together that we make it.

I believe that it is the narcissistic attitude that it is all about me is what is shifting. It shifts with each of us realizing that we are each a piece of the puzzle and when we realize that we are not complete without the other pieces that  is when we will be creating the new earth we have come here to usher in.

I feel that we will see more of that fear based stuff forcing itself to the surface, even in the spiritual communities as it becomes increasingly uncomfortable for those who are expanding to more love. It is a natural part of evolving into beings of unconditional love. We need to release fear, and therefore provide ourselves with more opportunities to do so.  When I am faced with individuals or situations or organizations that are of old energy and in need of paradigm shifting, I often use the Ho'Oponopono's connecting to the Universal Creator (or God) and repeat the mantra..I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you, as this helps me to stay centered and in love instead of getting caught up in their energy. I do sometimes get annoyed with them, and know that stupidity is a challenge for me. I am thankful I am in touch with 'common sense' and often wonder why others are not. Then, I am reminded that they are just younger souls with less 'life experience' and that is what they have come here to experience. I also try to recall the Four Agreements...Don't Take Anything Personally, Don't Assume, Be Impeccable in your word and To Do Your Best... it is their journey, their karma and their responsibility to themselves on what and how they do things... I can choose my own way and how I live and do things... and even if I must deal with them, I can do so from a point of love and compassion for all humanity and ignore their point of reference.

Hope that makes some kind of sense and assists others...

Love and blessings, Sharon

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