Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sharon's Take ~ As of Today

I love this picture, it always makes me smile, always. There are days during my healing journey where I wonder where I am going to muster the courage to get out of bed and carry on. It is fortunate that I have Bella, or I might just stay in bed all day. And, truth be told, I don't think spending a whole day in bed is a bad thing by any means. It is healthy as part of a review, however if it continues on, it is time to then talk with a medical practitioner and or counselor. There are some days where I am just plain tired of holding my head up. So anyway, I think it is important to walk the talk, so I look for ways to feel better and therefore send out that vibration to the universe.  I do generally avoid people, as I don't like answering the question "How are you?" or hug them, and yet anyone who knows me knows I am always a go to person on the now I am a bit more reserved with others, even though I don't really want to be, it just hurts too much to be hugged or hug. This weekend at my mom's party was a challenge. I loved the people and was so happy to see some old friends and relatives, and some new ones too. It was a lovely day, with only one down pour to contend with. (It gave us good reason to huddle under the tents and sundeck and get closer). I tried to use the love energy of the gathering to funnel into healing light with each hug and view it as helping me heal. I do believe that it has helped and I thank all the beautiful lights who shared with us this weekend.

We are coming to a bit of dip in the energy from that of the past few months, and so many of you might be looking for that day in bed, particularly those who are sensitive to the energy.  This is a particularly good time for us to pick up any low energy we might feel and transform it into times of great creations. Now is the time to focus our energy on to projects like the importance of world peace and unity.  This is the time to fill the mass consciousness with thoughts of we can do it, and fill them with hope and possibilities. We are very powerful in these lower photon ranges. Love is a powerful tool, let us use it well.

So I continue taking one step at a time, feel the gratitude along the way and realize that this is only but a moment in time of a bigger more rewarding future.

xoxox Love and Blessings, Sharon

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