Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sharon's Take November 2010

Well, here we are again, it is past the middle of the month and I am still not finished doing the work I normally get done. On the other hand, I have had the opportunity to do some things in a different way that has been most interesting and so an interesting part of my evolution and part of the purpose of my neck injury that is taking its time to heal.

I had the opportunity over the past week to have my sister in law's great niece come and stay with me while they were out of town. She is 12 and quite delightful. Her short little life has not always been easy and she has lived with her great aunt and uncle for about 2 years. It was different and delightful. I do love children and miss having my son around. I had to change my routine in the morning, and realized how much I miss some of the old routine I had in Vancouver. In my place in Vancouver I had my computer in the living room, here it is in my office/spare bedroom. Since I had company sleeping in my office I did the Angel Wisdom message on paper in the living room in the early morning hours instead of in here at the computer. I did a lot of writing on my Angel Wisdom book as well as the workshop in Las Vegas in March in the living room instead of in my office. It was different and interesting. And the funniest side bar is Bella. She seemed to like us doing our morning work in the living room, perhaps because I sit on the couch with her and write. Anyway... the first morning we were alone Bella wanted to be in the living room for our morning work and finally resided herself to having to be on the couch in here while I worked, she kept talking to me in her scooby talk and going to the couch in the living room, waiting for me and then coming to the door here and talking some more, then going to the couch. I would put her on the couch and she would not stay unless I sat down. It was very cute. I have decided that I will mix it up and do some mornings channeling in the living room and others in here, see if I notice a difference in the energy and words. Perhaps Bella was trying to tell me something.

So, how is the everyone handling this interesting energy of November? I have been noticing electrical disturbances happening, reminding me to check and see when mercury is going retrograde, and it is on December 10th, so start your christmas shopping now, especially if you are buying technology gifts. If you have it all done by the 10th, you will enjoy your season in a completely different way. I've started already, however with going away for the holidays this year, things are different. I am hearing from many of you that you are feeling stressed right now. So many of the messages I am getting are about us just taking a time out and getting really clear on what it is we want to be creating in our lives. The importance of a regular spiritual practice that becomes a habitual part of our routines and staying grounded in whatever energy each of us finds ourselves in. There is much shifting and changing happening for most of us and with it is plenty of opportunity for expansion. Even if you feel like you are taking two steps backward, you are moving forward. We are heading into a year with a bit more mental energy that most of us spiritualist are used to, so now is the time to prepare for that energy and get ourselves balanced and on a particular desired path. Those who choose to not have a focus in the direction they are heading might not have as much fun in the energy as those who go into this coming year with the resolute focus of the inspired warrior of Light.

With that, I am guided to offer an 8 week workshop starting in January that will be an online weekly gathering for some Spiritual Coaching with the Guides to get us going on creating a spiritual practice and taking our energy to higher, more focused level. Send me an email if you are interested in joining this tele-class. All of us can benefit from a personal coach as it keeps us on a plan and more focused.

I guess that is enough for now. Have a great rest of your month and enjoy each moment as that is really all we have here in this time/space dimension. Love and Blessing, Sharon, Bella and  PepĂ©.

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