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Goddess Nemetona- The Keepers of Sacred Spaces by Sharon Taphorn

Goddess Nemetona- The Keepers of Sacred Spaces by Sharon Taphorn June 3, 2010
Q: Do you have a message you would like to share with ‘we the people’ of earth.  

When I connected with Nemetona the energy of love was palpable. She connected through my heart chakra just as the beautiful trees in my yard do. I had not realized her connections with the labyrinth (a workshop I often teach) and am guided to build one here to use at my mothers and then she said to build one in the park for others to use as well. The labyrinth is a wonderful tool for transformation she shared, and is more powerful than we realize and that is why they are still around today.

I greet you this day with thanks and appreciation. Your love and connection to the beauty of earth pleases us greatly. You (pointing to me, Sharon) have great respect and honour your mother well. You are indeed a guardian of mother earth, that is why you can so easily feel and sense our connection. Many others can feel the connection and desire to be a part of your beautiful planet also; they feel her, and the destruction that is upon her in their hearts. WE say to you all to treat all levels of your earth with the love you do your own children – be they human, plant or animal. For many of you see the connection to all her beings.  Invoking me can raise the vibration within your gardens, the forests and creates more sacred spaces and yes, doing sacred ceremony helps the human make a stronger connection.

I am honoured to be called forth at any time when you are out in nature. I am the protector of sacred spaces, and these can be as large as a forest or as small as a balcony or even a window box. Invoke me before you enter into the beautiful meditative process of the labyrinth as well as building them for yourself. A labyrinth is a wonderful tool that can be created with rocks, sand and gravel, grass, tree cones and just about anything that allows you to make the pathway for you to follow. They can be as elaborate as you choose or as simple as you choose, what is most important is that you use them. Calling me into the experience will raise it to a new vibrational level for the user. The more one uses the gifts of the sacred spaces, the more powerful each experience becomes for you. Call me in anytime you are walking in the forests or pathways, as this will assist in making a stronger connection with your earth and will assist in your always feeling this connection. I am a part of it, whether you call upon me or not and I will always continue to send my healing light.

Begin each day with ceremony, I will guide and protect you. This too will enhance your daily experience and make your journey here a more enjoyable experience. Treat each day as you would a sacred workshop and watch how your life begins to be more of what you imagined it to be.

For those who live near sacred sites and power centers you are already in a higher vibrating frequency and so our connection is automatically stronger when you set your intent. I am always available to help in the healing of the people and ask that you connect to this part of your purpose. For those in these areas are indeed the one who chose to be guardians of the sacred spaces.  There are many places on your earth plane that are sacred that are not in your history books. If you feel the sacredness of an area, trust in that. Do a meditation and feel what the area has to share with
you. Speak with the indigenous people of the area and find out where their ancestors gathered for sacred ceremony and do your own research. It will amaze you as to how many of you are keepers of sacred spaces, but then, you know within your hearts, it is your heads that need the convincing.
Q: I live in a place that has high vibrating energy, and yet there is a lot of crime and anger against each other here. Can you help us better understand this and how we can help?

A: Oftentimes the ignorance of the energy in a highly vibrating space like Williams Lake can cause an adverse effect to those who are sensitive and they cut themselves off from the energy. That is what is experienced by many around this area. They have become so disconnected from the earth and the years of bad medicine within the communities has taken its toll on the children. These beloved children are so very sensitive that disconnecting is the only way they know how to survive, until someone teaches them a better way. Teach them by example, as they will only trust you if you walk the talk yourselves. Meditation and healing circles can help in the healing. As will love and respect for all and this means everyone and every living thing...and everything is living. When the people of earth begin to wake up to this connection, the true healing will then begin. Each one of you who is making a difference with your love is assisting with that healing.

Closing statement:

It is not mother earth who needs your healing so much as it is the people who are a part of her, however in your attempts to send her love and healing you are indeed helping each other, so carry on.  Remember the sacredness in each experience that you choose to have. And start each day with ceremony. I am honoured to be called forth and to share with you on creating heaven on earth. Thank you, Nemetona.

After working consciously with Nemetona this week, I can feel the energy in my yard differently. I am more connected and feel wonderful waves of love when I go outside as soon as I go out the door. I can sense the energy from my office when I connect with my trees and love the feelings that are created. I am also being called to explore some of the sites around here and to make more connections with some of the areas. Love Sharon

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