Friday, February 5, 2010

Sharon's Take for February 2010

Greetings and welcome to a wonderful month of balance!

February should prove to be an interesting month. Already many of you have emailed me to share how things have been shifting over the past month as we entered into the year of truth, trust and passion. Be brave and embrace the energy of the year, you won't regret it.

The photon levels are in the 7's most of the month, 8 on the 18th, which means to expect a bit of temper flairs and people to be fed up with things that are happening around them, perhaps responding with more ego than they normally would. This also should create some heighten paranoia to go along with Vancouver's 2010 Games. Take extra care to strengthen your energy field, bring it close to yourself and do lots of clearing when having to deal with the muggle world. Especially if you are living in a densely populated area, Vancouver or in areas where there is already volatile energy ignited. Put yourself in a bubble of 5 energy and you should feel much more balanced.

Expect more change to happen as we expand to taking our own power. There is plenty of opportunity for change in every opportunity decision we make, in the attitude in which face our tests in life. Divine forces are always at work, and change is inevitable. Best to welcome it, as well as the liberation it can represent. It is a good time to let of go of many things, and for some, this can be a difficult process. Trust that the old needs to be released to make room for the new and these current changes will let the new you begin to thrive in the place of your old self. It will soon be time for you to shine, and this process of change will help to create the energy and strength for new projects, new loves, new friends, and a balanced life.

Enjoy the outcome of the new you. Celebrate, enjoy and expand yourself. Take a spiritual retreat by joining a class, starting a new meditation or movement class such as yoga or tai-chi. There is much good fortune and help around you, seek it out and embrace it. Tune into your intuition and let it be a part of all your activities and try to keep up with yourself.

For those of you who aren't in the flow with the energy, feeling out of balance and experiencing a bit more chaos than you would like. This is the perfect time to begin to shift. You are worthy and you are worth it. If you feel there is an area that you absolutely cannot change at this time, accept it and look for the gift in it. Once that shift comes into your acceptance, you realize how many opportunities and how much freedom you have within that restriction. Take that time to pause and reflect the circumstances you find yourself in.

Spend time out in nature and connect with Mother Earth. There is much creative and healing energy available to us by regular connections with balancing energy. Enjoy the moments that you have with each other, and feel the peace the she has to offer us.

I have started Spiritual Growth Workshops here in Williams Lake on Mondays. Each week will explore and Each week will explore working with our Energy fields and developing our 6th Senses. Email me for the topic of the week, it is not necessarily to attend every week, as each week will be its own workshop. Investment $25 - $45 Sliding Scale it starts at 10am at Sharon's Sanctuary. Full Moon and New Meditations, Saturday February 13 and 27th at 4pm, suggested donation $11. I am offering a Ra~Sheeba Workshop in Williams Lake as well March 20th and 21st.
The Crystal Path to Spiritual Growth
RA~SHEEBA * Level I - Indigo Light
Williams Lake, BC. ~March 20 & 21 (Investment: $225.00)
Your Investment: $225.00 ~ includes a manual

For more information on

Ra-Sheeba is a very powerful facet of the Universal Healing Energy. It combines the intense and powerful masculine energies of the Great Central Sun (Ra) with the sensual, joyful and creative feminine aspects (Isis) and results in an exciting "dance" of energies. Many experience it as very intense but very subtle and sensual at the same time.

The first level of Ra~Sheeba ~ the Indigo Vibration:
This course will not only teach how to work with Ra-Sheeba and the Indigo Vibration, it will also be a very powerful personal healing experience.

And Sue Peters and I are presenting this wonderful workshop here in May!


Williams Lake, B.C.

May 29 & 30. Pre-registation necessary to secure a place in the class.

"The Shaman assumes full responsibility for who we are becoming and influences destiny by envisioning the possible."
~ Alberto Villoldo

The Munay Ki consists of nine rites of initiation. This ‘initiation’ will, in effect ‘raise your vibration’.These nine rites, that exist in every shamanic tradition though in different forms, evolved from the great rites of initiation of the Earthkeepers of old. These courageous medicine men and women crossed the frozen Baring Straits from Siberia to the Americas during the glacial period around 30,000 years ago.

Facilitators/Earth Keepers: Sharon Taphorn & Sue Peters

$275.00 which includes a manual, Pi stone and three cds.

Again, you can email me for information on any of these wonderful events and workshops, as well I am open to offering these and other workshops in your area. See my website ( or email me for more information.

Don't forget to tune into my radio programs on The Shift Radio. They are excellent opportunities for growth and expansion. There are archives going back over a year, so there is tons of wonderful information, meditations and resources for inquiring minds.

love and blessings, Always, Sharon

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