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Williams Lake, B.C.
May 29 & 30. Pre-registation necessary to secure a place in the class.
"The Shaman assumes full responsibility for who we are becoming and influences destiny by envisioning the possible."
~ Alberto Villoldo

The Munay Ki consists of nine rites of initiation. This ‘initiation’ will, in effect ‘raise your vibration’.These nine rites, that exist in every shamanic tradition though in different forms, evolved from the great rites of initiation of the Earthkeepers of old. These courageous medicine men and women crossed the frozen Baring Straits from Siberia to the Americas during the glacial period around 30,000 years ago.

Upon receiving the rites:

~ You may establish a deeper soul contact.
~ You may more easily be able to see the ‘bigger picture,’ and view life from a higher perspective.
~ You may become more of who you truly are: your soul-self, higher self, your Divinity.
~ Your ‘life purpose’ may become clearer.
~ You may find that you are following what brings you joy.
~ You also may begin to come more readily from a place of greater wisdom, love, peace, harmony and clarity.

Each rite brings new awareness to one's being, clearing and erasing all that does not align with your highest self.

1. Healer's Rite Connects you to a lineage of luminous beings. Opens up your chi pathways.

2. Bands of Power Five "Elemental - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit" luminous belts that are woven into the luminous energy field.
3. Harmony Rites - Seven archetypes are transmitted into your seven chakras. In the first chakra you receive serpent, in the second jaguar, in the third hummingbird, in the fourth eagle. Next you receive into your upper chakras three “archangels”: Huascar, the Keeper of the lower world (the unconscious); Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent God of the Americas, Keeper of the middle world (our waking world); and Pachakuti, Protector of the upper world (our super-conscious) and keeper of the time to come. This rite helps you to develop a ‘rainbow body’ and to shed your past the way serpent sheds her skin.
4. Seers Rite - This rite installs pathways of light that connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This rite awakens the ‘inner seer’ and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit.
Included in the training:

HUCHCA CLEARING ~ Andean Shamanic methods to release "huchca - heavy energy" from your body and the environment around you. (manual included)

Your Investment: $275.00 which includes a manual, Pi stone and three cds.

Facilitators/Earth Keepers: Sharon Taphorn & Sue Peters

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