Sunday, December 20, 2009

St Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi thru Sharon Taphorn, December 17, 2009

When you are ready to follow your heart, to truly follow your heart, call upon me for assistance.

Taping into a stream of thought with me takes the ability to slow yourself down, connect with the plant and animal kingdom , for these realms allow for a fast connection to the now moment. When commune with nature and the animals, you begin to understand unconditional love, how connected we are to each other and that now is the moment. So much time is spent on your plane, wondering and worrying, instead of doing and being. So many questions are asked as to how to achieve more, and as we share with you how simple it is, and yet you continue to ask and struggle. Life is not meant to be a constant struggle. When you planned to come for an earth journey, you saw all of the potential for growth and for learning, the beauty of the experience and you are aware how each step that you take affects the whole of creation. We are part of an ever expanding Universe, each being is a part of that Universe, the trees, and plant weave, the oceans and the many weaves that exists within it, the animal kingdom, and of course the human realm in all its dimensions.

Call upon me to assist you in being true to who you are. No more closet lightworkers, for these shifting times call for us each to be true to who we are. I can assist you in finding that love within you that will allow you to be the lighthouse for others who are still in the dark or dimly lite. Working with me assists in bringing grace back into your journey. You must become quiet, relax your mind, and release any thoughts that are around you. It is most beneficial to be in nature or near your beloved pets, I don’t recommend you do this in the wild until you have better practice with holding your energy still, perhaps work on holding that connection with animals in a zoo, or unknown contained animals first would be wise. As a side note, connecting with animals in a well run zoo or aquarium can be an astounding experience, and if you come across a poorly run facility, I encourage you with all of the love and grace you can muster, to bring about change in the mindsets of the people. They truly mean no harm, they are just confused and misguided and the most in need of assistance.

When you are connecting with me, you are connecting very much to the plant and animal realms. These are great teachers of wisdom, teachers of love, and the history of your world, talk to a tree or a rock or a mountain, talk to the waters, the oceans, the lakes and streams, there is much history in the land that is wanting to be shared. And when you get these messages, share them. When you share from your heart, you touch the heart of another and even if they think you are a bit looloo, they will feel your love, your passion and in that see your truth... and the light within begins. I stand before you in the unconditional love of the guidance realm and ask that you call us in to assist your journey at any time. We can be your messengers to the heart of another in love, to smooth out your human relationships as you shift and change into your true self.

We are here in love and service. St.Francis

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