Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reincarnation and Past Lives

Reincarnation is the philosophy of living many lifetimes on earth and other planet systems. During these lifetimes you learn different lessons. In my study of Reincarnation I have learned some basic beliefs and Past Life Regression Techniques which aids in clearing the accumulated Karma and belief structures, allowing you to be more in alignment with the inner, peaceful you.

Exploring past lives allows us the opportunity to process deep seeded 'truths' we are carrying within our cellular memory. These 'truths' often were created as a defense mechanism to protect ourselves from the harsh reality of something we experienced. This can also be said about issues that we may have stored from childhood. As we evolve and change, these 'truths' become outdated and unnecessary, yet continue to block us from achieving the goals and attributes we are working on at this moment in time.

Through observing issues, situations and relationships through a past life regression, we often seem them from the bigger picture, without the emotion that they bring up in this lifetime, and therefore we have the opportunity to observe them from a different perspective, gaining clarity and understanding as to why some things feel the way they do in relationships, financial dealings, fears and phobias. They can be transformed and processed in a place where no time exists, stepping out of the dimension of time and space; we can explore many realms and dimensions.

The purpose of exploring past lives is a transforming, fun and inspirational way to process issues that no longer serve our current vibrational status.

Have you lived before? Most certainly if you are reading this, you are not a first timer on the earth plane. A first time soul in physical form is not likely to be drawn to metaphysical work, as they are spending most of their time just trying to figure out how being human works to question that there has to be more to it than just being born and then dying. I have heard of star seeds who have no past earth lives, and therefore 'borrow' memories from other human adventurers, they do however recall past lives on other planets. Most of us who are here now and reading this have had many earth incarnations. When I first started to explore my past lives, I assumed that I had been here 5 or 6 times before. I had strong memories of past lives from childhood. As I delved into the mysteries of the Universe, I now know that I have had many, many lives on planet earth, as we know her today as well as past civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria, and back even further. I am truly older than dirt as my son would like to say.

I understand that Earth is an emotional planet. We chose to come to this planet to experience and learn about emotions. Throughout our many lifetimes we have made decisions based on emotions. We keep coming back and make the same decisions when encountering the same emotion, unless you become conscious enough to change our reactions and decisions when that emotion is experienced again. This is what self growth is, becoming conscious. It is when we can recognize and respond differently to life situations that we change how we feel about that emotion and get of the cycle of repeating the pattern over and over again.

Past Life Regression is one way in which you can open up your memories and see what decision/s have been made in other lifetimes. From this, you will get more insights and more understandings of why you respond the way you do. It is often easier to see what is behind your responses in a past life than try to see into the complexities of your present one.

Why experience past lives?

You may learn something from a past life that can explain how you feel about yourself in this lifetime.

You may learn something from a past life that will help explain a relationship with someone in this lifetime.

You may discover a hidden talent or ability in a past life.

You may gain insights into a medical condition by visiting a past life.

You may discover how to resolve old karma.

You may find an answer to why you have a fear or phobia in this lifetime from a past lifetime.

You may discover the answer to certain dreams you have had or are currently having.

You may us past life information for writing and research.

You may be able to trace someone of the actual lifetimes that your soul has had.

You may go back for fun, without any other specific reason except to have an interesting and positive experience.

Insights from the past can assist you in creating your future.

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