Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sharon's Take - November 2009

November brings with it some interesting energy. It is about balance and co-operation, and as we near the end of a year of balance, you might find yourself challenged to ensure that you have indeed brought this much needed harmony into your life.

November is the perfect month to work on your mastermind projects, as the photon levels are low throughout the month. This also means that the empaths in the group should be aware that they will feel a collective sleepy, or sad energy as most people retreat when the energy is low. There are less 'thoughts' in the mass consciousness, therefore we as lightworkers can more easily fill those void spots with love, peace and harmony. Take the time to ensure your energy levels are up, consciously set your intent each day, spend time in meditation, asking your entourage to assist you in consciously creating the projects you are working on.

We also have the Energy of 11/11/11 this month, which is also remembrance day for most of the world as we celebrate the ending of the first 'War to End all Wars', and let us remember that this is still our vision and give thanks and remembrance to those who gave up their incarnation so we would find peace, some almost 100 years later are still working on creating that peace. I do believe we are closer to finding that peace as more of us awaken to our interconnectedness with each other and that we need to vigilantly hold those thoughts of love within our hearts and minds. Join with as many people as you can in the name of love. I will be offering a meditation for peace on November 11th, on The Shift Radio and at my sacred space here in Williams Lake. Please check out my home page for more information www.playingwiththeuniverse.com.

Thank you for the wonderful thoughts and wishes for my big move...wow... what a journey...I am still not done, and need to get back to Vancouver soon, as I still have things to do there. I made 3 trips back and forth and still need to make at least one more trip. Having not moved in 21 years, it is amazing what things we accumulate. I was very happy that I had spent the last 2 years getting rid of things, and yet still I am amazed by what I still have. I am still setting up my sanctuary here and getting myself organized, acclimatizing to the change in temperature as well as energy. It is interesting to note that I am sleeping more these days, finding that I am now sleeping about 6 hours at night...sometimes even 8, very unusual for me. I am not sure if it is me adjusting or something new I am doing in my dream time, as I really haven't had much time to explore. I have explored the vortex here and am getting some interesting information that I hope to put together and share soon. Kendall from Australia sent me a wonderful email about sensing a large crystal bed around the lake and I too sense this and am looking forward to sharing more as I tap into it.

On November 17th Florence Ellen of Mystic Dreams in Kamloops and author of Decoding the Parable of Dreams will join my on The Shift Radio again this month to assist us in decoding our dreams. Last months show was wonderful and assisted many listeners in discovering the messages from their dreams. If you have a dream you would like to understand, please join the show or send me an email at sharon@playingwiththeuniveres.com, the program is archived for those how can't listen live. Join us at 7pm pacific/10pm eastern.

Here is a message from the Angels for November:

Angel wisdom suggest that we use our skills and talents for the common good. Eliminate power struggles, conflict and completion, which come from an ego desire to win. Co-operation for the highest good promotes harmony and togetherness and draws the best from everyone.
Make it your aim that everyone has a sense of satisfaction from work done. Then you become a spreader of goodwill and harmony. Your angel guidance is to bring people together and explore how you can mutually assist each other.
Your attitude of sharing will ensure that you benefit in your turn, for the angels will bless your endeavours.

Have a blessed month filled with peace, love and balance. Love Sharon and Bella

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