Monday, November 23, 2009

Balancing the Four Bodies

We are so much more than just our physical bodies. WE are infinite beings with many levels and aspects of ourselves. One of the greatest challenges we have at this time in humanities evolution is finding that equilibrium with our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.

When we begin to have balance with each aspect of ourselves, harmony and a state of bliss are realized. I think the greatest hurdle many of us face is balancing our mental bodies. This is the aspect of ourselves that is the home of the Ego. We often have these 2 little beings on each shoulder... one saying...go for it, you can do, and the other says... What makes you think you can do this, you are not worthy... or some such nonsense. Oftentimes these little beings turn into our friends and family... repeating similar thought processes for us to. These are the opportunities we put before us to assist in our growth. When we learn to overcome the unwanted thoughts, we are then more able to keep our thoughts in focus and on what we want to create. The more you practice releasing thoughts and feelings that don't serve your highest good, the easier it gets, until it becomes an automatic response to someone or something that says you can't, you won't or you’re not worthy. When a thought of 'less than' appears before you, acknowledge it with love and release it and replace it with a wanted thought or affirmation. Repeat these like a mantra over and over until you can feel the thought released or transformed. Keep these wanted thoughts and affirmations in your pocket; hang them on the fridge, or in the mirror. You are worthy of everything wonderful that you want to create in your life, or in creating the live you know you came here to experience.

Working with our emotional realm can be a challenge too. Many of us were told to 'don't cry out loud, keep it inside, learn how to hid your feelings' and other such lines that puts a box around our heart space, or a donut hole in the middle to let those feelings move right through you. When we begin to open ourselves up to love and emotion, it is often a challenge to be open to this new crying you. A beautiful resident in a nursing home I worked in who cried a lot, hugged me one day and said..."not all tears are bad tears"... and she gave me this beautiful hug, I could feel her love for all the things around her. This is especially difficult for men to handle, as it is more ingrained in their mental body that emotions are for women or children. We are all emotional beings here to experience Love. Love is the emotional body. The more you open your heart, the beauty and love you see around you. And, the tears do become less, or you become okay with feeling them.

We are all familiar with the physical realm. This one is the easiest for us to see, as we are here having a physical journey. Remember to honour and take care of this body as well, it is the one that allows us to experience the totality of all the other 3 and to expand and evolve our spirit self. Eat well, sleep well, and spend time in nature, with the physical world. This is the best way to bring balance to our beautiful physical temples. Yes, you are beautiful!

Our spiritual realm is often the one that we have the most difficulty believing in, yet we are surrounded by so much validation that we are more than physical beings. It really comes down to Trust. Do you trust your intuitive messages? Most people are given invaluable information when confronted with a challenge; however they don’t trust in the message that comes within their heart. They allow the thoughts of the mental body to come into focus. Do you find yourself saying, “I should have listened to my instinct” or “That was the first impression that I had”. These are messages from our spirit self how is connected at all times to that part of us that is eternal, infinite and not living in the physical realm. When we learn to trust ourselves and check in with our hearts instead of checking in with our heads, most of us would be experience more of what we want to experience while we are walking the path of the human.

I know each of came to the earth plane to experience and grow. Each of these realms gives us the opportunity to expand who we are and the balance of these realms allows the opportunity to walk the path of spirit while in a finite journey. So enjoy the process of opening up and finding balance in the four worlds that create who you are and live your life with truth, trust and passion.

with love, Sharon

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