Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sharon's Take - September 2009

Enjoy all of the completions you accomplish this month. We have a mercury retrograde happening September 7th to 29th, so this is the perfect time to go over those things that may not be complete.

"This time, the cycle will be about rethinking your priorities and values. If you feel you are living your life according to others' wants and needs, you will feel strongly about finding a new way to bring things into a greater sense of balance. You will feel pressured to make time and space for your own needs, or risk feeling frustrated.

Use the next few weeks to be present with how you feel about everything you are doing. Are you doing things out of obligation and responsibility in order to "keep the peace?" Are you ignoring your inner voice, which is telling you what is important for you?

During Mercury Retrograde, everything you encounter is an opportunity to refine or revise what is not flowing. You may find parts of the Retrograde frustrating, yet, it is also a time to create a valuable experience for yourself by consciously slowing down and following intuitive flashes." Alice Inoue www.astrology-fengshui.com. also check out her article on working with the energy of Mercury REtro.

The photon levels are smooth and in the range of the 5's, so that will assist us each in getting the work done without all the roller coasters of energy that we have been shifting through the past several months. Change is still in the air for many as we approach the equinox.

I will be at the Wise Women's Festival in Naramata September 18th to 20th. I hope to see some of you there. I love these gatherings and always look forward to them. I am teaching a workshop, meditations and offering readings on Friday afternoon in the Healing Oasis. Check out the Link for more information.

I received a very interesting reading for the month.... most of the cards talked about clearing the old, making sure that you have done the work. You are energetically attached to everything you have...if you are feeling scattered or ungrounded, it is time to clear away those things which no longer serve you to make room for the new coming in October. Use your Mercury Retrograde wisely. (I am planning to move next month...so this makes my tasks right on for moving forward...more on that to follow as things firm up!)

The rest of the cards were on relationships. On bringing our existing relationships to a new level of love, creating new relationships - especially for those who have been experiencing a bit of dry spell. Love and finding balanced, healthy love is in the air. Again, use the energy of Mercury to assist you in clearing any past judgments, fears, hurts etc, that might be holding you back from experiencing that balance many of us feel are missing. And, make sure you are always working on that most important relationship you have with you.

Many blessings as you journey through September, enjoy the leave changing in the northern hemisphere, flowers blooming in the southern half, and love one and other as you do yourself.

love and blessings, Sharon

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