Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Love

Soul Mates , Twin Flames and Elevating Relationships
July 18, 2009 with Aengus thru Sharon Taphorn

I am honoured to be called forth this day to offer loving guidance about loving each other more deeply.

So many of you long for that deeper, lasting, pure relationship of Love that you feel when you are not here on this side of the veil and I shall assist you in bringing clarity, love and understanding back into you experience.

There are many theories and thoughts on your earth plane about twin flames, soul mates and such things and many search for completeness and this quest as separate from the self. We ask that you begin this day by searching for this union from within – by merging with your higher self – forming that soul mate relationship first with you and therefore elevating and attracting the next level on the earth plane while doing that we are working on all our current relationships on this plane of existence and expanding all other planes as well.

Develop a relationship with yourself, your partner and the partner that you long to create is a life purpose you all choose to work on as this leads to you becoming the expanded loving beings you are here to experience in order to shift into the 5th dimension of love. So let us begin....
Do a daily meditation and envision in your 3rd eye and heart chakra as often throughout the day and work on the steps laid out before you.

It matters not if this being has manifested in physical form at this moment – for that being will find a way to ‘walk in’ to your reality as the vibrations are right and the souls are drawn together.

Work on all of those qualities you wish to attract to you and by using the Universal Law of will draw that into your field. Detach from the outcome and enjoy the moments of creating yourself, and pay attention to the signs, smiles and love that you feel around you now.

I am always honoured to assist you in creating and cultivating this energy within yourself, Call upon me Aengus, for missions of love and understanding within families.

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