Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sharon's Take - July 2009

Greetings and welcome to July!

This is our seventh month and will bring about more shifts and transitions, of thoughts, actions and deeds. Hang on for the ride...which ever way you view it.

Recall that we are in a year of balance, coupled with a month of transition... change is bound to happen. So, you can choose how deal with that change. Many of us are being forced to look at what is not working in our lives. To do some deep inner work. No matter what the challenge is, health, finances, work, relationships, thoughts... whatever it is...if it is not working with has been magnified over the past many weeks. With that, if it is working for you, that too has been magnified. The empaths in the crowd are reminded to take care of their own energy, being conscious of closing off your energy field when dealing with 3D people, places and things.

The transitioning energy of July brings with it the new creations, new life, new growth and new levels to relationships. We must be sure to release any bondage to the past, if we resist the flow of transition we will come up against ego, issues of control and restrictions. Those who release and prepare to move forward, you must be sure you have completed every step and the continual transformation of thoughts. Release any thoughts that don't serve your highest good, or stand in the way of your dreams. Focus on what you want and release the concern about how it will happen - know that it will. Hold on to the picture of what you choose to create, work towards it in all attitudes and levels as if it is already here! Enjoy the smooth waters of your creations when they are deliberately set!

I am finally starting back to slowly integrating back into my 'day' job, which means that my hip joint is recovering. I would have never imagined it would take 7 months... funny...that transition number again (I have to laugh). Anyway, I am looking forward to the completions that are occurring all around me, as they are many. Learning to live in these higher photon levels over the past month and a half have been a really awesome awakening to different aspects of understanding thought creation. With that, I am having an online workshop on Working with your Higher Self on July 25th, as well as 2 evening offerings to be announced later.

I am planning a trip up to Williams Lake mid July.... I have some time available for Past Life Regression Sessions, Lemurian Tarot Readings & Angel Card readings as well...send me an email at to inquire about a session. (I also do them by phone anywhere in the world.)

Love and Blessings, Sharon

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