Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sharon's Take - April 2009

It seems that it has been taking me longer to get anything done this month, and I am late posting my newsletter. However on so many other levels things have been moving ahead.

Many of us are experiencing some interesting spiritual growth over the last little while, therefore are experience many different shift symptoms. If you are experience a physical 'catch up' at this time, remember to eat well, drink tons of water and meditate, meditate, meditate...and oh yeah... you came down to earth with an entourage of guides and angels... enlist working with them daily, they are here to assist you in experiencing this human journey.

April brings The Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata BC (outside of Penticton). This is a wonderful event filled with over 50 workshops, sunrise ceremonies, friendships, Healing Oasis and more... there is still time to join in this wonderful event...check out
I am looking forward to spending a weekend surrounded by love and healing.

Spiritual Coffee Break with Sharon on April 18th will have a wonderful channel from Pepper Lewis and Gaia for Earth Day on April 22 as well as Swami Beyondananda and Rev Nancy Kaiser - Author and Animal Communicator... hope you can join us for this wonderful event.

My love to everyone and enjoy the month

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