Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Here are two beautiful messages from Pepper Lewis and Gaia....

Gaia Wisdom
Special Earth Day Message

Dear Family of Gaia,

Take a moment and notice that there is beauty around you and within you. That is cause enough for celebration. All of the kingdoms of the earth, including humanity, are undergoing great change at this time. That too, is cause for celebration.

The general thought, both conscious and unconscious, traveling through the 'mind of man' at this time is that there is little cause for celebration. Perhaps you will forgive an argument on a day that carries my namesakes, but this is untrue!

The earth celebrates every day in every way and demonstrates this to you so that you will find cause to do the same. Do not allow yourselves to imagine that a changing earth is tantamount to a distress call. Change is the ongoing process of transformation and its acceleration is also cause for celebration even if it takes a form that is unfamiliar to you.

A pause between the inbreath and the outbreath will move your thoughts inward. As you do this notice how far you have come and how much you have grown, perhaps in a very short time. Notice that all of your experiences, both positive and negative, have encouraged you to know yourself and to experience life more fully. The same is true for the earth, and as Gaia sentience I am more aware now than ever before.

Do not struggle against change. Be an advocate for conscious evolution in all things, including thoughts. Unfamiliar moments bring new friends and family forward, another cause for celebration. Do not stir the waters to bring back what is going or gone when you make them (and yourself) still long enough to recognize the new that is already on the horizon.

Celebrate this day on Earth as I do, a day delivered unto itself to be lived in fullness, complete and whole in every way. And know that any day that you name and dedicate to yourself will be one in which Gaia is also in celebration.

~ Gaia

Love and Light to all...Love Sharon

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