Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sharon's Take - January 2009

Well, it seems that I am behind getting this finished and out. So much has been happening as the creator year ended and we began a year of Balance. 2009 is a 11 year which adds up to 2, soooo...those who have been working and flowing with the energy will find they are having an easier time right now. Many will start to see the creations of the last year manifesting in there physical environment.. moves, relationships, jobs and passions... are all changing for many... I did record a new years message accessible on my home page ( for you listening pleasure.

The photon levels for January are in the 5's and 6's, meaning that most of us will be having a break from the last few months, although I have noticed a lot of people commenting on the emotions, more when the energy is higher... it seems that we are having to deal with things..(this is a good thing, although it doesn't always feel it at the time)...and people that are not complete. Some of these are old thoughts many of us felt we had dealt with, yet they are coming up to the surface. If someone you love has been giving you a particularly rough time emotionally, try to remain in love, know that they too are frustrated and need to also learn to deal with all these surfacing emotions... and know that this too shall pass...building better and stronger relationships, or they will take a beautiful ending...allowing for the creation of new relationships if that is your journey.

I would like to also share with you that a group of us have been doing some Distance Healing with many people who are facing critical illnesses. We are offering the following service:

An On-Air healing on one of my radio programs, a group healing mediation and Kahu Fred Sterling from has graciously allowed us to add his Prayer of Healing a Physical Illness, so together these 3 recordings are provided an mp3 to listen to everyday... we feel this will help so many who are on their healing journey concentrate on their healing. If you know someone or you yourself are facing a life threatening illness and would like to receive this gift... please contact either me:
Sharon Taphorn at

or Beverly Cohoon at

Have a blessed month....

Love and Light..Sharon

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