Saturday, January 7, 2017

Keeping it Real For 2017

As we awaken to a new year, the angels want to remind us to be Keeping it Real for 2017. If you like to set goals for the next year, this is the time to set them. Remember to be realistic in your expectations and set smaller goals for yourself. Keep your resolutions simple and doable - keeping them real!

Remember that life isn't a race to finish line that only one of us is going to win. Choose to take your time in your choices and keep them grounded in the realm of possibilities. Just like the seasons, divide up the year into quarters and make your plans accordingly. Right now we are in winter so . regroup, and review so that you can make the plans for the springtime. Take an inventor and make your plans for the next season and so on. This makes your goals more manageable and more likely to be tangible!

This year offers new opportunities to those who choose to seek it. It is up to you to do the journey, that is why you are the human - being. Do the things you want to do and there is no time like the present, quite literally, so do it now. 2017 is a creator year, start now to create the year you plan.

Be sure to release the past. Let go of belief systems that no longer work for you. This is an important, life changing time, Significant opportunities are available for 2017. Let this be your stellar year.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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