Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sharon's Take November 2015 Taking Care of Yourself

Taking Care of Yourself
This is a time to really focus on yourself, your health, your mindset and restoration of the self. Slow down and wrap yourself in a metaphoric blanket and drift, contemplate and decide carefully and thoroughly what it is that truly is speaking to your heart. It is a good time to experience the solace you wish for and take care of your beautiful self. It is important to remember to treat yourself  with love, compassion, and respect and others will follow. It is also important to remember to treat others the same way you would like to be treated. Some things are about to end in your life, at least for now while you are rediscovering your authentic self and your individuality. 

Sounds like a fun month! My guides say yes, of course, always lol!!

This is a great month for finding your footing. You could spend some time redecorating, moving things around and rearranging your rooms to create a better flow, rearrange your desk or even do some online tidying of your files and back up things that are important. Use your time wisely and if you should find that you are in a state of unproductive, or feel like your having a brain freeze, that's okay too. Take a time out and clear yourself, decide what is important for you at that moment (it could be something just for fun too) and do it. Don't beat yourself up about not getting things done as this truly just leads you to getting less done. 

It almost feels like you have been reborn (and some of you have) into a new energy and well in a way you have, so give yourself a break as you learn to walk again in this new field of gravity and enjoy exploring life anew once again without having to go back home and come back. Some of you may even be experiencing new guides and angels as you have moved up the ladder so to speak. Know that you are not alone and that you have powerful allies who are supporting you at this time. This coming full moon is important to you. You are changing, and your soul group or soul family - your soul mates - are supporting you through this shift. All is well. 

You are unlike anyone else and you are needed. The wisdom that you carry is important and light as a feather. It is not up to you to carry the world on your shoulders. Choose the path that is the most interesting or intriguing to your heart. Your contradictions and complexities are interesting and no one can do it quite like you.  The people in your life might be confused just now as they are not sure of the changes you have been going through and some of them may draw away for a time (some of you may even be feeling betrayed or confused by the actions of those around you) because they feel they no longer know who you are. Refuse to be labelled or brought down by their actions as they are not truly about you. Just as you are not broken, you cannot put them back together either. Each of you must follow a path is right for you - straight and true. 

Many of you have been here before. The Akashic library is open and you have been so close before. You will not let fear stop you this time and that can be a scary thought. Create sacred space for yourself, a safe place for you to go. You need a sacred space to spread your new wings and learn to fly again. 

Shields Up 

Sometimes you need to have a shield up while you learn to work with your new senses, openness, and vulnerabilities. Do not be afraid and know that you are very strong or you would not have had the courage to brave this quest. Others knowingly and unknowingly test your resolve and it may be necessary to be more conscious of energy interference and put an end to it. You won't always need strong psychic protection, but if you have been having a hard time or feeling raw and sensitive, you know it is time to use your armour. Set clear and healthy boundaries; calmly walk away from energy that is draining or distracting you from your mission; and learn to nurture and support your own energy fields with daily practice. 

Become the Dragon - It is time to move on and graduate this next level of your growth. Take your power and your courage and break free from what was into what is becoming. There is great honour and glory awaiting your arrival and it will have been worth the discomfort you initially felt for a great and wonderful truth about your potential is about to revealed to you on this great journey. Begin it now. 

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