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Sharon's Take January 2014 The Beginning of Great Change

Sharon's Take January 2014 
The Beginning of Great Change 
by Sharon Taphorn
Welcome to the year of change and be prepared to see many transitions happening around you. Decide right now what you want to consciously co-create for yourself so that you can make the most of the energetic patterning for the year ahead. 

Wasn't this year of mastery that we just past through quite the trip. Many of us have been honing our skills and making the changes and doing the completions so that we can move on to bigger and better things and those that have will be having a much grander time in this new shifting energy of 2014 and so get ready to enjoy the ride and reap the benefits for what you have sown. 

For some of you this will be a time of great decisions and making choices that may not be that easy; however if you ask for some guidance and trust that it is so, you will make the choices that are right and best for you. Trust yourself. Your connection with you is truly the one you want to work on and cultivate. When you walk hand in hand with your spirit self, life becomes more magical. 

For the month expect and set your intention to start some new projects, set some goals and decide clearly what is most important to you right now, not the others in your life, this one's for you and it is what you want regardless of what others say or expect, this is for you and only you. What is best for you is what is best for the whole anyway. Make it have some long term implications so that you can see it unfold in its grandness and believe and trust that it is so. This is often where we have a problems as a whole, we do not trust that it will happen. Believe in yourself and your ability to create. Don't get stuck so much on the who and how, but on the fact that it will happen. 

This will help you build your courage and your confidence as the co-creator in your life and also show you that nothing is written that cannot be altered by your intention to expect another result and choose another path. These next three years are going to see astounding growth and change and this is not always comfortable, especially for those who resist or the old guard as it is leaving. A new level of integrity and interpreting that will become a normal way of sensing for the human being. It is like you will become your own best lie detector test, as the Indigo and crystal children are, it is just that they sometimes need guidance in learning to interpret the signals. This is where many of you who have been the students will become the teachers as you are part of the way showers for those that follow. It is you have chosen to awaken to greater abilities of your selves and your species as a whole.

If you are still learning to fly, find a teacher who is master at flying. This year of change will bring about many opportunities and so you will design that you are always in the right place at the right time to be where you need to be, to learn what you want to learn. You are always in the right place as the angels like to say, it is just that you are not always noticing what is happening around you to help to guide your way. If you miss the sign, it is by your design, not outside of you. No one truly has that power over you, that is a myth from old energy teaching and learning.

Take a class or two on how to work with the energy and yourself with the energy and your higher self, which is a part of you that is connected to your physical self as well as to the all that is. You are an aspect of your higher self that is here having a physical experience. As you hone your skills, much more becomes available to you and that is truly what you are here right now on earth to experience. It is a part of all of our 'life purpose' and we are all truly working on that whether 'we' realize it or not.  Most of you reading this are aware of this on some level. It is time to go to 'Star School' and learn to be magical once again.

Get used to working in this higher energy as you continue to see solar activity, flares and geomagnetic energy. We are in a new time and this is becoming the new normal. The more focused you can stay regardless what is happening around you, the more you will be in the flow. Those who need to be shaken up are as that is the energy that is often the catalyst for the changes that you seek. Fasten your seat belts and remember this is the ride you truly have been waiting for and it is here now.

Create a spiritual practice for yourself and make it a priority to stick to it. There are easy ways to find some time wasters and convert them to productive energy and well, you are worth it and so your dreams and desires. 

Book Number 2 should be ready any time now. There are some links on my home page for autographed copies with readings and more to help get it published. Thanks for your love and support. Angels Guides and Other Realms 

Have a great month and see you next year... love Sharon et el.

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