Sunday, November 24, 2013

Angels, Guides and Other Realms by Sharon Taphorn

Book number 2 is now finished and has been sent to the editor. How exciting, so now it shall all unfold 

A Handbook for these Shifting Times

I have the vision that the cover will be something like this, we shall see. With Angel Guidance the artist completely captured what I wanted that I did not know I wanted, so I am always open. I have learned a few things from the first experience as well and will watch to see if they unfold as they should as we go along. 

It feels so good to finally have this done as this book as been years in the making and different in its outcome than the original design. I do of course hope you all like it and that it serves its purpose of assisting the wandering soul finds it way. 

Just wanted to share and give you update, now I must go and finish the newsletter I started in June lol. 

love and blessings, Sharon 

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