Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sharon’s Take for October 2013 The Mastery In Your Creations

Sharon’s Take for October 2013 The Mastery In Your Creations 
by Sharon Taphorn

If you did your completions last month, you are most likely looking forward the new ideas and inspirations that are coming in as a result of your focused intention, if not, well do not worry, you have the time and you seldom move on when you have unfinished business left to tackle. It will make its circle until it is complete one way or perhaps another. Hopefully you have done some of the work so that you feel the times ahead are bringing wanted things your way. Keep chugging along, healing, releasing and transforming your thoughts and your feelings. It is most important that you keep moving forward and taking that next step.

This truly is the time to be working on the mastery of your life plans, lessons and goals. All three are important for you if you desire them to be. Choose your battles and your rewards carefully and wisely as these are the seeds that are planting for your future. Change is happening, you can see it all around you, it may not seem fast enough for some of you, and yet, when you look, you can see that it is there. This next block of energy that is coming in will shake things up a bit as your mental world tries to finds its balance with its emotions and well, there is call for moderation, co-operation and compromise all around in your many departments.

Remember that as within so without. As you change the landscape of your inner thoughts and feelings, so will you see faster change in your outer world as it is the resulting manifestation of the collective thoughts and feelings of the all. Is it any wonder those of us upon this path feel exhausted and overwhelmed at times?

Choose where you spend your time and your energy wisely and let it be with focused intention on what it is you want to create. It does not do you service to focus on what others’ are choosing, wanting or doing, use your energy to make things better for you, make the changes in your life  as this  is better for the collective as well. And of course, like the 100th monkey, that is how we begin to see the changes that we wish to see in this world.

While you are working on your mastery, remember the importance of taking time out to have some fun and enjoy yourself. It is important to keeping you moving, positive and fresh. It helps you work out things that might be stagnant and balance your emotional and mental considerations. As well it brings in fresh particles of energy to bathe your every cell. Laughter and fun are an important part of our relaxation and rejuvenation and so make time to watch a funny movie, or do things that bring you joy and excite your senses.

During October there will be plenty of opportunities for those who choose to seek them. There will seem to be a lot going on and nothing getting accomplished by those who are not in the flow of understanding how to utilize the waves of higher energy. Don’t get caught up in that energy as it is easy to do. Centre and ground yourself and use that energy to help you bring you intentions and goals into your physical world.  There just may be some solar flares or geomagnetic activity that often bring with a bit of confusion. You as the lightworker know you have the power to tap into these events and use them to help you to manifest and focus energy towards your dreams and desires.

Get yourself prepared for the changing times ahead as these will be many over the next year and some will not view these changes as the positive signs that you see. The less baggage you bring with you on this flight, the less time you have to wait for it to arrive so you can get on with the next part of your adventure. We also have mercury Retrograde October 21st to November 10th, so this is the time to prepare so that you can enjoy this time instead of dread it as many do. I always look forward to them as I know it is chance to get caught up and slow down what I am doing. 

I have a new on-line class starting in October, 12 weeks ‘Walking in Mastery, Being in the flow with your life lessons.’ This journey begins Monday October 21st at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern and will include discussions, meditations and homework to help you get on task and keep your focus while you prepare for the shifting times ahead. Investment of $99.00. This workshop includes one private session to help us hone in on the focus of your journey.  This class with be recorded and available as a download for those who cannot attend live. To Sign up for this workshop see my home page at www.playingwiththeuniverse.com or send me an email at sharon@playingwiththeuniverse.com

Have a great month as we begin to prepare for the next chapter in our journeys and may you find the path that leads you to where you want to be, love and blessings Sharon and the funny farm of fur 

Sharon Taphorn, Author of Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily angel messages, her weekly radio program Calling All Angels for more information check out her Home Page at http://www.playingwiththeuniverse.com

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