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Sharon's Take September 2013 Keep your Focus and your Balance!

Sharon's Take September 2013 ~ Keep your Focus and your Balance!
All I can say is WOW, we are actually heading into the last quarter of the year and if you have been feeling a quickening in the energy, you are not alone. I am astounded by the speed at which we are flying. If you have been doing the things you need to do to be in the flow of the year, you are enjoying this time of creation and mastery, if you have been ignoring or procrastinating over what needs to be done, then you might feel a bit manic and out of control as we slide into this next phase. We are heading into a year of transitions so it is for your own benefit and sanity to stay on task and keep your focus.
This past week there have been some geomagnetic storms and solar activity that always seems to affect people in strange and interesting ways. If you can stay as a conscious observer of human nature and not get caught up in the drama, you are over half way there.  It is sometimes more difficult to keep your focus during these times and that is when it is the best time to just stop whatever your doing and take a time out from the world and everything that feels like it is pulling you in a million directions at the same time and you are either going to implode or explode, and which you want neither.
When you feel balanced and grounded, that is when you are of best service to humanity and all that is. If you are not feeling that, you are depleting your own resources and eventually this imbalance will lead to physical disease manifestation. When you take the time to keep your energetic reserves replenished, then you have more than enough for all that choose to do - this is also key - all that you choose to do. Remember that many of you are empathic and so you want to try to keep everyone happy and well, that is not really your job, your job is to keep you happy and let them figure out how to make themselves happy. Letting others do for themselves (even if you know you can do it better) is a gift you give to them. Prioritize what it is you must do, want to do and would like to do. We all have must do's or be prepared to live differently if you don't. For example, I don't have to pay the power bill, however if I don't, I will lose power, therefore budgeting for the power bill is a choice, but is my must do each month list.
Necessity is the mother of invention my Mother would often say and perhaps one of the reasons that we experience life the way we do. Over this past year I have really simplified aspects of my life as I wanted to get my monthly bills down to as little as possible. I have been more conscious of power, A/C, and heat, partly to save money, but also to lessen my carbon foot print. I cancelled my phone as it just seemed unnecessary, I can phone out on the computer and I have cell phone. I cancelled the TV which has been astounding. I am so much happier not being bombarded with news and advertisement and other distractions. I listened to the Canucks on the radio and enjoyed it way more and was amazed at the extra time I had to get things done and wasn't a big TV watcher to begin with. If I really want to watch something I can consciously choose a movie or something from my library. 
Anyway, I have way more time to spend writing and mediating, which is wonderful and part of my purpose and my passion. I love having writing deadlines as well as my next book is almost ready. It should be by now, except I keep adding it to it. The angels told me I can do another after that and to just let it go, so I am on my last read before it goes to editing....hahaha famous last words.
I am ready for some new adventures in my life and would love to come to your area to teach, doing healing work and workshops. This is the perfect time to self discovery and expansion as we adjust to living in the higher energies and I am happy and honoured to do my part in helping others learn to work with their senses and expanding consciousness. I have a new jeep and we are up to some new journeys.  Send me an email at
I will be presenting some workshops and morning meditations at the Wise Women's Festival in Naramata the 20th to 22nd. Check it out and come and join us and expand your goddess light in a wonderful and healing atmosphere... check out the schedule... there is still room for some healer/reader exchanges too ...
We are also going to do a special live event radio broadcast from the Festival on Saturday night September 21st, after the workshops. Joining me for our special "Lights of the Round Table Live from WW's F" is Cathy Gordichuk and Christina Drummond for a round table of metaphysical and alternative healing discussions with a bit of laugher and fun as well as whatever other guests stop by to join us live or on the air at 9pm pacific/12 am eastern. It is sure to be a fun event and we will take on air questions too.
This is a great way and place to recharge your batteries and relax and be in the company of family and friends.

I have also noticed some interesting personal trends of late as well that I thought was important to share. Many of us have been experiencing the vibrational flu over the past year might be experiencing some odd new 'conditions' as a result of this growth and expansion as I have. I am experiencing some interesting dimensional shifting like reading and making notes on things I have been reading online and  then seeing them posted again about 3 days or a week later and I think wow, that is slow, I read that 3 days ago, and then when I do a search online there was nothing about the story back when I read it. This happened a few times before I realized I wasn't loosing my mind and that I am taping into other dimensions. (as a side bar, lol, I told my guides that if they were going to show me news stories in advance can we just move on to the sports section so I can make a little cash while I am at it lol... I will let you know next month how that worked out for me...tons of laugher...). Now that I know this happening I will pay more attention to the important stuff so perhaps if we send our love and light to events we can lessen the damage on many levels of things to come and will start to use the healing circles for global healing.
Have a wonderful month filled with completions so that you can be ready and prepared to dive into the coming energy and be in the flow... take a breath and connect with the mother and keep marching along.  love and blessings, Sharon et el.
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