Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sharon's Take August 2012 ~ Enjoying moments

There is a lot of old energy reeking havoc and chaos on the planet right now. It rears its ugly head in a last hurrah and then is extinguished by the light. And I said, "I don't usually start a message with that tone", and they said, "Yet it is the source of much stress and anxiety on your planet at this time and we wish to discuss it so the lightworker can focus on beaming about love instead." And to that I said....
There is a necessary transition of our mental bodies taking place. It is time for this change and many of you have been working towards this by becoming conscious of your words and thoughts and how you use them with yourself and others. Keep charging ahead. The mind is really the undiscovered country and we are only on the tip of the iceberg with its capabilities and power. Embrace the changes as these are indeed what you have been working towards. Focus on your journey and what you need to do. Let others do their own thing and know that it is most important for you to find that peace, harmony and balance for yourself first. Nurture yourself and and find what makes you whole within yourself and do not look for this outside of yourself or with another. Wholeness comes from within. Keep moving towards the mastery of your thoughts. Avoid negative people, places and things. Turn off the TV and enjoy your world, look for things that stimulate and excite you, not distract you or make you feel less than. There is much beauty in the world, look for it in all that you do.

If you find yourself receiving so unexpected news or something that disappoints you, send love to all involved and take the time out to put your thoughts in order. See the gifts and let the rest go, let it unravel, and let each person come for the 'I' and you can do the same. Spend time healing your heart to let it expand and love openly, without fear of vulnerability. It is time to heal so that you can move forward without being encumbered by your past. It is time to create anew and there is no better time than the present.

Follow your dreams for they are worthy as are you. You have fought the good fight, so now it is time to charge ahead and use your power with confidence and love. Be inspired, be courageous and be confident in yourself. You have the tools and skills necessary, it is just a little more work and determination and you will get there. Keep your thoughts positive, use affirmations and meditation to keep yourself motivated and focused. Your higher self, guides and angels want nothing more that success and joy for you and are always ready and willing to help light the way. Ask others to help you, instead of trying to do everything by yourself.

Don't be nervous about the changes that are happening. The old energy doesn't always go away easily, therefore trusting yourself and developing and honouring your sensitivities and intuition is of vital importance. Take care of yourself on all levels, and you will be just fine. By ensure your needs are met physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually you are making the progress and steps that you desire. When you are at your best, you are then of the highest and best use to life, the Universe and everything. And remember, it is all about having a joyous life experience, not about completing assignments as fast as you can. You came forth to experience love, to flow and enjoy life and all its aspects.

Think of any problems as your catalyst or opportunity to change anything you are not happy about in your life and remember, the main event is the joyous journey of life. Listen to your heart... deep within, you know the answers that you seek. 
It has been a lovely hot summer here with enough rain to keep it pretty green. I have lovely herbs, vegetables and flowers growing all around. I am enjoying my summer booth in the park on Saturdays too. It is wonderful to meet people and re-meet some old friends. As well, the family of other vendor at the park is wonderful. I love hearing their stories and getting to know everyone. I really miss it during the winter. Bella loves it too, however she has to stay home on the really hot days in the A/C.

My first two articles have been published on Beliefnet and have received a wonderful response. Here are the links to them:

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It is wonderful to be paid for writing assignments and I am honoured to be a part of the site and its desire to offer something for everyone, regardless of the path they choose. Check it out, become a member and enjoy all the information and assistance available.

I also have some upcoming workshops. The first one is on Sunday August 19th in Williams Lake - Working with your Angels. Join me for an interactive workshop where you will receive an attunment from the Angels and Meet at least one of your Guardian Angels. If you interesting in opening or expanding your connection with your angels, this ones for you. Also an 8 month is the perfect time to work on your spiritual practice and connection with your angels. Also I will be starting my next online gathering on Monday evenings. This time we will explore The Vortex by Abraham-Hicks. If you don't have your copy yet, here is a link: It will start on August 20th at 6pm pacific. By Donation. I am looking forward to exploring the book and meditations on 'Where the Law of attraction assembles all cooperative relationships. I should have my home page updated this week with links to everything.
Also check out the Wise Woman's Festival for September at Issues Magazine. It will be another wonderful event on the beautiful Okanagon Lake for all the information and workshops. There is also a store and healing oasis. Come join in and gather together with like minded, beautiful and dynamic women. September 21st to 23rd. I am honoured to be presenting 2 workshops and a morning meditation. They are also looking for healers/readers who would like to work in exchange for the workshop fee and it is a wonderful experience to participate this way (and economical too!).

Mecury Retro will be over on the 7th or 8th, depending on where you live. It might take a few days for you feel its effects, however you should feel a bit of lightening in the communications department, however it is always good to be careful and pay attention to the details on contracts, finish reorganizing and recycling etc.

Have a wonderful month and enjoy this beautiful month of infinite possibilities. xoxox Sharon ♥♥♥

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