Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sharon's Take for June/July 2011

Just for today, Do not anger
Just for today, Do not worry
Honour your Parents, Teachers and Elders
Earn your Living Honestly
Show gratitude, To every living thing

Dr. Mikao Usui

Since once again I am late (I guess it is really just the right time lol) on the newsletter, I  was guided to share the principles of Reiki as well as my take on the energy we have been experience. Surely by now you are aware that we are in an interesting triads of eclipses and flares...if not consciously, you know something is going on and few things feel like they are going a bit crazy. A perfect example of this energy is the Vancouver riot after the loss of The Stanley Cup (sniff sniff, says a big fan...) anyway, it wasn't the fans that rioted, it was a bunch of hooligans causing energy releasing. If only they took the time to use all of that energy for productive purposes, and remember that it offers us the opportunity to be more loving and compassionately. In the words of the Ho'Oponopono... What in me would have created this. I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you... so on with Sharon's Take... 

Sharon's Take, Spring/Summer ~ Acceleration of Energy, hang on for the ride! 

The reading for the month is Hang on to your hats, this the change we’ve been asking for and it is going to start moving at a breakneck speed. There might be challenges and problems that you see around you, but these challenges and problems are your opportunities to grow to expand like Abraham Hicks teaches, they are your best co-creators, so grab a hold of them, use them as your walking sticks as you proceed and go. and see the joy within the journey because on the other end of this it is worth it, and while we might all see that, you might not always feel that as you are going through these times. This is all about what we have been asking to create and so here it is WHAM, it is coming into your physical world, so enjoy that. It is really important to leave behind that which doesn't support you. So if you have relationships that don't support you it's okay to leave them behind. It does not mean that you love them any less. It just means that right now you're moving forward to working on your own power on finding your footing. Finding your balance, finding your grounding and it is up to them to go find their own journey, so give them a big kiss say, “Right now, you need focus on your journey, and I need to focus on mine.  Because this all really about our own individual mastery, June is a month of mastery. Anyway, it's the sixth month And so they said, This is all about what's happening around you and so it is time for each of us to focus on our own journey and allow those that surround us to focus upon their own journey and if it doesn't serve your good it can’t serve the good of all and so release those things that don't serve you. In our mental world, it is time for transition it is time for each of us to take a stand, a time for us to cross that rainbow Bridge to where it is that we want to go and so there’s going to be a little bit of spiritual growth and some people will feel that it takes all the strength and the courage they can muster but know that you are not alone and that the wisdom from your experiences is really an important part of what is coming forward. Take good care of yourself. Look at what you have now, some of you might experience a change in financial status. Love whatever is happening right now, because you will create on the other side of it, wherever your thoughts are. Go with that knowing, trust with that open heart and you move forward. Be really careful where you spend your time and money, please don't be frivolous. Don’t spend time on things unnecessarily, spend them on things count, that assist you and there is  great change happening and it's all change that we been asking for and so people will be making decisions that are really life changing over the next little while, you might see that around you, even if your life doesn’t, so it's a time to follow your heart. Find out what's in it is you. We really haven't done a bad job. We really done a grand job, and this is a grand, grand re-balancing of the energies that are around us. And so this should recharge your hopes, it should give that joy within that come for job well done and to know that and to keep moving forward. I don't think anybody's going be really stagnant in this energy, and find any kind of comfort whatsoever. If they are stagnant, they are going to feel really uncomfortable because it is a time of change and with that change comes wonderful opportunities that are available and so make the decisions from your heart. It can be overwhelming to deal with all of this mental energy, but when all of this is filtered through your heart and find the love within it, and realize you can find the love within it, Instead of having to look back and realize that wasn’t so bad, and yet at the time it doesn’t feel very good. Stop when you feel like that. This is when you take a moment re-center yourself, connect, do some breathing, take a really good workshop with some really good metaphysical people that you absolutely love, get some kind of energy and bring it to you. This is the time to focus on your growth, on your stuff and your empowerment...take a deep breath, smile and keep moving.

For me, well, life has not been without it challenges. I keep telling 'the guys' that I have enough material for my workshops, I don't need anymore lol, then, since I am a believer in the 'walk the talk', I must look for the love and the gift in dealing with some really mental people, who are dimly lite, if barely flickery. Why am here and what is this mirroring for me or is it an opportunity of remaining in love. I have come to the conclusion that this is one of those old systems that needs to transformed and I am the warrior to do it...reluctantly I might add, yet here I am. So, I need to decide how far and deep in this quagmire I am willing to go. There are many forms of passive resistant, and down right rebel rousing, how far is it I am willing to go and where are my boundaries. Since I don't have that answer as clear as I would like just yet...I do know the direction that I am leaning toward, that best serves my growth and the good of all. IT is an indigo thing, and I guess this is one of my contributions to transforming the old guard. 

 I have some smaller workshops planned over the next few months, some in Williams Lake, some online and some in Vancouver, so stay tuned for an update as I figure out where I am and what dimension I have awakened to... 

So, enjoy the triad of eclipses, and the  solstice and the new that it brings your way...keep foraging ahead and godspeed on your journey. We are all in this together, so let us all hold hands and support each other and know that we are not alone and that there is enough for everyone! love and blessings, Sharon and 'the crew' xoxox


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