Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Earth Day is Every Day!

Earth Day is April 22 ~ I should say that it is the day set aside for Earthday activities. Every day is really earth day, or earth hour, as we spend everyday that we are in physicality on the earth. Every day each of us should do activities that assist mother earth, not just one or two days a year. This is a common thought with many of us lightworkers.  I feel that earth day is more for those who are not really thinking about the importance of this beautiful planet to humankind.

We are of the earth. Each one of us needs to feel that connection to truly understand it. Those that don't feel it are here for their own reasons. We must learn to unconditionally accept that and move on. We need to worry about ourselves and what each of us is doing everyday to make this a better place. To be world servers without expecting anyone else to do the same. We must serve from the perspective of pure joy for ourselves. This is how the planet is changed. By each one of us being that change we wish to be in the world and focusing on ourselves and the legacy we choose to leave behind when we are gone. Each one of us has our own intregal part of the whole. We can only influence others by walking our talk and talking our walk. This becomes even more obvious as we watch the children who are now upon the earth. They do not learn from 'Do as I say', they learn from thier elders by example.

Remember that everyday is Earth Day, join in the fun of the Earth Day experience. Visit a nature center, or walk in the parks, the shores, and the hiking trails. Bring along a bag to pick up garbage and most certainly clean up after yourself.

We have been gifted with a most beautiful place to experience an earth journey on, let us take great care of her for our childrens childrens, children. For we have only borrowed her for a short time.

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