Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working with your 6th Senses from Calling All Angels

The image that I projected last week and place on the beacon above my head was these beautiful coloured butterflies. What was so amazing for me with last weeks image was that as most of you know who listen to my programs, I have been experiencing memory loss from an injury sustained several months ago at the nursing home where I work sometimes. Anyway, I usually put a copy of the image on my desk next to the list of people I beam the image to. However since I was away from home I didn't get to print the picture. Several times I went to beam the message to the list and could not remember what the image was, The angels told me to look up and I thought oh yes, it is above my head on the beacon and I would look up and see these beautiful butterflies flying about... it was both beautiful and cool, so this week everytime I can't remember, I look up at the beacon and see the image... cool hey!

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