Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sharon's Take October 2010

There's kind of a hush all over the world!

I am a little behind this month with offering my view of what is happening in the world. It seems like there is this respite of energy that many of us are feeling and just taking some time out.

Since the month is almost over there is little point in sharing the energy of the month, except to say that I've received a few emails from people regarding extra tiredness and not feeling like they are getting anything accomplished, and since the photon energy is lower than it has been for awhile, that is normal. This is actually a great time to step up your masterminding (things you want to create..for the good of all of course) and as the angels like to remind me, if isn't for the good of all, it isn't good for you either...

Since the month is almost over there are not much other things to share and I should move on to getting ready for next months energy as it seems I need some time. I can't spend as much time on the computer these days while my neck is healing so I have to do things in bits and pieces. One of the things I noticed during the last few weeks is a lot less emails have been coming my way...it was kind of eerie to get 3 emails one night when I usually get 50 to 80...very strange indeed... I also notice a hush in the conversations and posting in the online communities too.  So my take is that it is all a part of this lull in the energy when it has been so high for the past several months.

So, stay tuned to for more stuff next month and hang in there if you have been feeling low... breathe and meditate and mastermind and enjoy.

The winner of the free reading with me was Moana and she has already received her prize winning reading.

Love and blessings, Sharon and her menagerie  

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