Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Play Well Together, Archangel Gabriel through Sharon Taphorn

Play Well Together, Archangel Gabriel, July 27, 2010 through Sharon Taphorn

I bring you greetings dear ones and am always honoured to be called upon to share wisdom with humankind.

For an opening address, I would like to share with you is that each of you learns the importance of taking care of yourselves and taking care of one another. You each have a guardianship to yourselves, all of the animals, as well as your pets, your mother earth and all the realms therein. Hence forth, you are stewards and her condition represents how you treat her, as does the condition of all humankind. It is time to step forward into your contracts as the Beings who accept the stewardship of yourselves, each other and all that is.

This begins by stepping forward into caring and compassion for you first and taking care of yourself. Eating well, exercising your physical body, especially and not limited to Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Dance...anything that brings mind, body and spirit into the dance – Dance under the stars or a tree or in the sand, in the waters... remember to bless your waterways, all of them regularly, get back into that practice, for it does indeed make a difference...Return to weekly blessings, blessings of yourselves, and mother earth and all her realms, these do help and do make a difference.

Practice compassion, see love – See love in all things and compassion – yes, we know we repeat ourselves, we know, we have compassion... Have compassion, feel that love deep within for all things. Practice Ho’Oponopono and release it in all dimensions of time and space and all the you’s in all the realms, and forgive and love it and thank it and ask for forgiveness and release it and feel the freedom and release it and smell the freedom and feel the love and share that love with everyone and everything and do this each day and watch the learning that begins, watch the healing that begins.

We have some questions to ask this night....

First for Andrea, We see that you are wired and connected on a level which many do not always understand. This is your challenge and your gift and your ideas and wanting to share in a show is indeed a gift and a wonderful, worthy project. We salute you for taking this on and we are by your side to offer support and courage. You do your work and ‘pitch’ your idea to networks or programs or organizations who cal also provide you with funding for the project and set up a trust to keep your beloved horse – there is indeed a powerful connection between the 2 of you and your idea is a brilliant way to remove barriers for others to look at your abilities in a new light. We suggest that you work with us of the Archangel realm and trust in the messages that you seek – you can ask and call upon any of us at any time. Some you will work with more closely than other, however all have something to offer you. You are a warrior dear heart and we applaud you for your journey.

2nd question _ They have seen me behind you many times however not all have known who we are. We are indeed a part of your entourage and you are also a human messenger and therefore work closely with my responsibilities to the earth journey. Writing is a part that we are eager for you to do more of and we ask that you ‘get on with the show’ Devote regular time to your writing with us and you will find more of the life that you have been wanting to create. We are pleased that you have been doing more writing with us as a collective to assist others; we would also be very pleased if you were to work more with your own unique group of beings that await you.

Each one of you should spend more time in communication with your group, nurture yourselves in this way as well as to nurture and support each other – there is room for everyone and therefore support of each other is all that is required. Let go of any competition and comparisons, and judgements and less thans and greater thans and work with sorting out how and who and where you are and leave each other alone to find your own path – yes, offer support at all times to each other and all things.

Connect and be a guardian of mother earth. You the human each make a difference, each one of you is a great part of the whole and take this moment now to step up to the plate and start taking better care of her.

Bless each other and be a support and call upon me anytime you are unsure of the blessings within any situation. We can inspire your words and share with you love and wisdom and then we will open your hearts...our beloved ones. Play well together in this game of being a human, you are dearly loved, Archangel Gabriel.

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thank you

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Andrea Americana said...

Thank you. I have told anyone who would listen my idea. I even sent a general idea of it to the website where I found the horse but not as fleshed out as I have to some other sites. I have even contacted companies and producers of reality shows already in production like Dirty Jobs, American Chopper, Billy the Exterminator, and Last Chance Highway. Last Chance Highway was the show where I learned about the web site with the horse on it. I contacted the star of that show who have never heard of the form of stipend I was getting from our government. The star lives in USA like I do. The horses show name is Regal Romeo. He is a throughbred. I have even contacted the rescue agency he is at. How much longer until I get a bite on the line? I am climbing the wall with boredom here. I am counting down to September and when I can start looking for a place to ride that has schooling horses. It would be neat to go to my old therapy barn with him in tow because the lady who owned the place thinks that throughbreds are TOO high strung to be used as riding horses for disabled people. So I could even bring a change of mind about his bred too.