Monday, December 1, 2008

Sharon's Take - December 2008

December is the month of Truth, Trust, and Passion....if you have been moving forward with intention and shedding and letting go of the things and thoughts that no longer serve you, you are probably having a really good time experiencing the manifestations you have been working for. If you have been ignoring things, letting things, feelings, and emotions slide... you might be having a wee bit of rough ride...depending on how you handle are probably tired of paddling against the stream for so long... take some deep breaths and know that you can always start now...for really...we only have the best place to start is where you are at now. That being said... the photon levels have been high for a while now and will continue to be high until the middle of the month...dropping down for the holiday week... then up to 5.7 for New Years... a good number to bring in a of balance. So what does that all mean...When the levels are high.. I see tempers might flaring...and bringing up old stuff in arguments... more sirens... I notice more road aggression, driving and yelling and honking... for us lightworkers...we do a lot of counseling, healing, readings...people want to look for hope... when it drops down, increase your masterminding (your group works at creating the heaven on earth...)also a really good time to infuse love into family members who might need it over the holidays...or family gatherings... hold the thoughts of what you want to create.

And speaking of creating... I have some interesting things happening... first I would like to share the Angel Card of the Day.... I have a widget on my site that can be added to anyone's site and receive the Angel Card of the Day as soon as I add one and update it... I have no idea how I started doing just happened... exactly a month ago... we needed something that could fill some time when guests weren't quite ready during a radio special I did with Wilhelmina, so I said... I have all these decks of angel cards people have given me... I will give everyone in the chat room an Angel Card... well... for me giving was amazing..I could feel the angels and it was beautiful and full of love...and the cards each person got was right on and equally as amazing... from there I decided to add it to my Saturday evening show... and was a phenomenal experience... the feelings I got, the messages the people received... the following morning during my morning meditation... I was clearly guided to share an Angel Card on my blog and Online Community...I did.. it received amazing feedback... so I did it again the next day... and before I knew it...I had started this Angel Card of the Day... working with Angels in a way that I never even considered... and it feels wonderful.. I sometimes get over 30 emails a day from people who have been touched by the cards.. it is astounding...I am so honoured to be a conduit for the angels ....

I asked the Angels for a message to it is...

"Now is the time of great spiritual growth, enjoy the process, you may feel a mixture of many feelings' Confusion, excitement, fear, and wonder. You love your renewed connection to the Divine, and you wish you could read, study, learn, or meditate on a full time basis! Simultaneously, though, you may worry about the implications that your spiritual studies will have on the rest of your life. What impact will your new spiritual pursuits have on your job, marriage, or friendships? These worries create a fear that may erode the enjoyment your spiritual studies bring you.
Surrender any fears to the Angels...Trust that you are supported, loved and guided at all times... Ask for the Angels for assistance in any situation, and we will immediately go to work on your behalf. Because of the Universal Law of Free Will, we must wait until you call upon us...and we do so patiently... know that at this time everything you touch has the ability to turn to gold... you have the Midas touch right now... you are on a roll and the energy of heightened success surrounding you and your endeavours. You instantly manifest your thoughts and ideas now, so choose them carefully! Just as you're capable of manifesting masterpieces right now, you're also able to manifest problems...the good news is that you can also undo any manifestation that you're unhappy about. You have the ability to take ordinary projects and make them come alive with meaning, blessings, and abundance for everyone."

Affirm: "Thank you for helping me focus my thoughts completely on joy and the desire to be connected to Divine Love. I am so grateful that all my needs are so carefully addressed-instantly."

Have a wonderful holiday season... come have a reading... there is a coupon at the bottom for all those who read my newsletter for a discounted reading.

My love to all...

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