Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sharon's Take - November 2008 Understanding the Journey

Welcome to November.

A month of Balance, a month to see the results of those things you have been creating over the last month and year firmed up in the physical world, bringing them in to physical manifestation, if you have been doing the 5 or 50... if you have been doing the journey. I actually get that this morning on an entirely new level... it is so profound to me at this moment...that I thought I would share the process...

This morning as I was preparing some of my radio programs, as I seem to have several wonderful lights requesting interviews, a whole new area I am being drawn to...I digress... anyway, I was listening to some of the works of Abraham-Hicks ( about a guy who is trying to manifest a house...this was such an amazing way of looking at the process of your thought...I instantly knew I needed to share it...and then realized it was the beginning of a new month and the perfect thing to share with everyone... this is good and worth a half hour of your time...

In my Ten Principles workshop, I share a wonderful article by Master Guide Kirael on the journey of the 5 Steps or 5 hundred paces... which is a talk about the journey... today I began to understand this on an entirely new level after listening to these phenomenal videos created on talks by Abraham-Hicks ( steps Abraham takes this man through how to create in this journey is takes the consciously creating of anything in this life to an entirely new level...taking us through the steps we should each ask ourselves if we are stuck or not creating the life we know we were meant to live...

Video Part One Abraham -Manifesting a house

Video Part Two Manifesting a house

I hope you have the same profound experience with this process as I have...understanding that it is not about keeping your eye on the is the path of the ball on the way to the glove that is to be enjoyed and savoured..about making the journey to anything the joyful experience...not the destination..making 'the journey to anything or anywhere' what matters the most...

so back to November...the Photon Levels (from are higher than 5 for the month of November... a great time for those of us working with the energy...continue creating. You might find it necessary to put up energetic filters on while out in the 3D world (after a while they will instantly manifest around you when you are in a more dense vibration...for more information on this check out the Maturing your Magic Online Workshop on my site November 22, 2008).

Enjoy the month... Join my Online Community site to connect with other amazing lightworkers and spiritually minded healers and seekers from around the planet and

And have a Grand Month!

Love Sharon

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