Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the energy of creation

I am feeling such a tremendous energy of activation in the air... it is wonderful. I enjoy working in the higher photon levels, and as they raise in July, I feel this surge of things I have been wanting to manifest over the past 20 years manifesting... not necessarily in the vision I had back them, however the basic premise for the dreams are happening... I have 2 radio shows, am traveling and teaching and healing, and now have a center in Vancouver to teach, share and see clients in.
In the Ten Principles I teach about passion, and the difference been excitement and passion... excitement is the initial energy to ignite the passion... the passion is when you are willing to do the 5 or 50 to create the dream... and when the passion is ignited, the dream manifests and all the right people are drawn together to assist in the creation... it is truly awesome to watch and be part of... so anyway... I welcome to the world... the newly about to be opened for extraordinary healings and experiences.... we birth into creation... The Shift Center for Healing and Awakening... a collective of eclectic Teachers, Healers, Shaman, Peaceniks and Spiritualists.

Grand Opening August 8, 2008


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