Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Beings of Light

I was having a morning meditation where I had 3 of my guides sitting on the couch across from my meditation chair. After the meditation, I took a picture, as I clicked the shutter, I heard...'she caught us'... 6 seconds later I took a second picture (that is how long it takes for the camera to get itself ready again.) ... the second picture is empty of all visuals, no orbs, no 'smoke'. I asked them why they don't want to me to have a picture of them. They said.... it is not so much that we don't want our picture you have several pictures as do others, it is that trust is so vitally important. Not everyone can sense and feel energy beings...or energy...therefore we want you to develop your trust in the energy around yourself and your abilities to feel things on cellular level... the knowing inside of you... we are only here as the are here to do the journey.
I loved that explanation and thought I would share it with you all

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